Monday, July 16, 2007

John McCain - The World's Biggest Small-Time Candidate

In recent days, several members of John McCain's campaign has jumped ship. Some speculate that they are just opportunists, trying to get on board the next big thing (IE, Fred Thompson), while others contend they're simply trying to save themselves before the ship goes down.

My question to you, the reader, is this - was John McCain ever a viable candidate in 2008?

Since January, the media-types have been talking about the "big 3" - Rudy, Mitt, and John McCain. But John McCain doesn't necessarily deserve this title, does he? What exactly has he accomplished, besides devaluing the rule of law by trying to reward lawbreaking illegals for all of their efforts with citizenship?

John McCain has been a media favorite since the 2000 campaign season -- and has been getting a lot of media hype, for reasons that are beyond my comprehending.


Anonymous said...

I would never vote for McCain.

Jp said...

McCain, McDemocrat

Philyra said...

You write very well.