Friday, July 27, 2007

The Church of Liberalism

As a continuation from our July 25th post regarding separation of Church and State, we have received requests for further explanation. We told you how the Liberals have hijacked the Constitution (through the Supreme Court) and have continued their assault on Christianity.

This begs the question, if Liberals don’t believe in the Church, what do they believe in?

The State.

A surprisingly simple answer, this idea reaches to the very core of their belief system.

To a Liberal, there is no higher authority than the State. The State is the answer to most (if not all) of life’s problems. This is because of a fundamental lack of reliance on SELF – instead placing their reliance on OTHERS.

This fundamental belief in the State as the answer to our social ills is ironically incongruent with the Liberal’s supposed idea of Secularism. For to be truly Secular, one must strip society of all beliefs in God or another Higher Power, such that our government, and indeed our society at large, no longer recognizes anything as Religious, Spiritual, or Sacred.

Thus, in the name of Secularism, the Liberals have been unending in their war against Christianity and their greater attempts to push Religion out of our society for good. Interestingly enough, while they vehemently undertake this sacred duty of ridding our Nation of Christian “superstitions”, they simultaneously impose their own religious faith – the Church of the State – on everyone.

I often see Liberal Bloggers claim that our current War on Terror, as it is manifested in Iraq, does not actually constitute a “war” because Congress has not declared it so. In other words, because the government – the highest Spiritual Agent in the Church of Liberalism – has not declared it to be so, then it must not be so.

Never mind the troops on the ground. Or the enemy we are fighting. Or the casualties and their sacrifices. Never mind our President, our Allies, or the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Never mind Freedom.

Because the State has not made it so, it cannot be so. Thus, the Liberals cannot, and do not, support this war. Or so the argument goes.

We don’t believe the government is the solution.

We believe the government is the problem.

We don’t want to retain our right to bear arms to protect ourselves from foreign invasion.

We need our guns to protect ourselves from the State.

As always, we appreciate any serious comments, questions, and suggestions. We hope these posts can generate some fruitful discussion.